How does it all work?

We start working with a telephone consultation to find out more about your business and the hardship you’re facing. During this consultation, we formulate a budget you can live with, and work to protect your assets. We then figure out which debts we can assist with and how to handle them. Each debt then gets its own unique plan. Some are restructured and resolved outright, while others will need to get paid off with a payment plan and some may not need to be paid at all.

We communicate with creditors on your behalf, and report the progress back to you. Our goal is to get you a low weekly payment until your debt is resolved and your business is back in the black.

How do you lessen creditor calls?

Once you are enrolled, we reach out to your creditors and advise them that we are working on your behalf and to direct all future communications to us. Which means that they won’t need to call you up to ask for payments.

What about my privacy?

All our work is 100% confidential. We don’t share your information with 3rd parties that aren’t involved in the collections process, and we definitely will not make it public that your company applied for debt relief.

Are there any kind of loans that you focus on?

The vast majority of people who approach us ask for debt relief related to cash advances. However, in many circumstances, we will be able to work with other forms of business debt.

How do I get to keep track of the progress?

Our client liaisons are here to answer any of your questions by phone, mail, or email. You will receive a copy of every written agreement made between us and your creditors.

How long does this process take?

It depends on how much you are able to put aside, what your cash flow looks like, and how much debt you’ve accrued. More often than not, we can give you an estimate during an initial consultation.

Do I need your help?

A common reason for business failure is heavy business debt, especially debt from cash advances. If you currently have any of these signs, you’re at risk of business bankruptcy.

  • You’re having difficulty paying off cash advance installments

  • The debt you’ve taken on is clearly unmanageable

  • You’re getting collections calls

  • You no longer can afford your equipment leases or secured loans

  • Revenue isn’t as high as you’d hoped, and cash advance payments are eating up most of it

  • You’ve begun to slip behind on bills

  • You’re using your own credit cards to fund your business

  • You no longer make enough to have your own salary

Ask for help before it’s too late.