How do you help businesses manage their legal & financial obligations to creditors?

We negotiate realistic and ethical solutions for merchants suffering hardship because of too many cash advances and, in some cases, unrelated commercial debts. Every member of MCA HelpLine’s management team has held senior management positions at the most well-known MCA funders, brokers and marketing companies in the industry, giving us unique insight into all sides of the transaction.

I’ve heard some bad things about settlement companies; shouldn’t I be nervous?

Indeed, there are a few unscrupulous actors in the MCA settlement arena, targeting borrowers who find themselves choking on too many cash advances with exaggerated promises of financial freedom. Certainly, merchants should be cautious; that is why we invite clients to conduct full diligence on our company and affiliates.

But aren’t debt settlement companies hurting the funders?

Just as not all cash advance companies greedily prey on the desperation of merchants, not all MCA settlement companies are out to damage the creditors. For a funder, a fair settlement can be less expensive and more reliable than in-house or outsourced collections or litigation. Funders negotiate with us because it’s just good business.

Is there a conflict of interest for me to refer merchants to MCA HelpLine?

Ask yourself this question, “Whose interest should I serve?” We think it is a professional responsibility to offer a client an alternative method of improving cash flow so they can honor their obligations without losing their business. To defend the clients and reduce overall acquisition costs by recycling already-spent marketing dollars is in everyone’s best interest.

What constitutes a referral and how do I get it to MCA Helpline?

When a merchant is declined or the offer you have for him is insufficient to meet his objectives, you or your sales rep simply says, “We work with a company that helps businesses with cash flow issues. I’m sending them your information and they’ll give you a call”. Next, just email the application and the most recent business bank statement to our Referral Partner Administrator (RPA), you’ll get a receipt and the file will be immediately assigned to a Senior Solutions Specialist to contact the merchant. No forms to fill out or data to enter on some website – we’ll handle it all so you can get back to your day job.

How do I track my referrals?

Once you send a referral, you’ll receive an immediate receipt plus a daily activity report listing the status of all your referrals: Contact, Interested, Contract Out, Contract In, etc. It will even tell you which Senior Solutions Specialist has been assigned your file in case you have any insight on the client you wish to share to improve the closing odds. Once you have a merchant who becomes a client, you will receive a weekly commission report as well – explicitly detailing every penny in your pipeline.

How do I make money by referring my declines?

Referral Partners earn fees based on the total amount of liabilities the merchant is currently carrying. We pay you 40% of the enrollment fee (which is 10% of the enrolled liability). At $100,000 (the average enrolled liability) your referral fee is $307.69 every week for consecutive 13 weeks – a total of $4,000. As your pipeline grows, your passive income stream grows with it.

How do I get started?

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